Sunday, June 25, 2017

betty goes to the museum - 3. nestor sakato and john 23

part three of thirteen

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"the ultimate minimalism of nestor sakato” took up the next room betty entered.

nestor sakato’s canvases were each one solid color and were numbered “composition #1, composition #2,” etc.

composition #1 was red, #2 was pink, #3 was yellow, and so forth.

betty did not spend much time looking at them, although other people were staring at them intently.

but she had seen them. there was no way, except by closing her eyes, that she could not have seen them.

the next room betty went into had an exhibition of the paintings by john 53, otherwise not identified.

john’s paintings were simple cartoon like renditions of small humans who might or might not have been intended to represent children, most of them accompanied by small creatures who were probably intended to be cats or dogs? monkeys? chimpanzees? betty could not really tell.

there were no other visitors in the room, but there was a chair.

was the chair a work of art? there was no sign indicating that it was, so betty took a chance that it was not and took a break and sat down on it.

betty stared for a while at john 53’s paintings. suddenly she had a craving for an ice cream cone.

there was probably no place in the museum where she could buy an ice cream cone, though you never knew.

but there was surely a cafeteria where she could get a cup a coffee and a croissant or a scone, if not a cupcake or slice of chocolate torte.

betty got up and went in search of a cafeteria.

4. white cake