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poem of eighteen lines

by nick nelson

my mom was a nice person
she had a big head
about as big as you’d find on a person her size
but it didn’t make her a bad person

my dad smoked a pipe all the time
if he smoked liked that today he’d probably be taken out and shot
but back then it was different
people accepted him for what he was

my sister nellie was a very ordinary person
nobody saw anything remarkable about her at all
not me, or anybody else
but she finally got a husband anyway

my brother joe was always talking about running away
it was just about all he talked about
but he ended up getting a job in town like everybody else
and he never went anywhere

as for me, there isn’t a whole lot to say
so i’ll just leave it at that

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a chance encounter

poem by horace p sternwall

illustrations by pete palomine

as i was walking down the street
a surly beast i chanced to meet
he seemed a stranger to civilization
and had ideas above his station

he fixed me with his limpid eye
and asked me if i cared to die
i held his gaze and answered straight
that i was but a child of fate

this answer quite amused the creature
good humour liquefied his features
and just as i relaxed my stare
he disappeared into the air