Monday, April 30, 2018

a vision

by anonymous

i have a vision of a new world

there will be no more war, oppression, poverty, injustice, alienation, aggression, inequality, or waste

there will be no races or sexes, so no racism or sexism

every human will be the same age

and the same height - 1,645 meters

and weigh exactly the same - 50 kilograms

every human will have their own space - 4.5 meters by 4.5 meters by 3 meters

and get the same amount of protein every day - 36 grams

and the same amount of oxygen every day - 555 liters

and the same amount of water every day - 2 liters

and the same amount of sleep every day - 7.6 hours out of 24

on a mattress 2 meters long and half a meter high

and listen to 4 hours of music every day, at 75 decibels

and watch 2 hours of educational videos every day

and meditate 4 or 5 hours a day

and run 2 hours a day

and practice yoga 1 or 2 hours a day

every human will have 2.4 hours a day to do as they please, without intruding on anyone else’s space

there will be no false information

religion, philosophy, and language will be abolished

truth will reign supreme, and set everybody free

the energy to maintain the levels of oxygen, water, and protein will be drawn from the sun

and when the sun is exhausted, the next star in the galaxy will be tapped, and then the next star after that

and when the galaxy is exhausted, the next galaxy and so on…

it might not go on forever

but forever is a long time

Sunday, April 29, 2018

my treat

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

i was walking down the street

i stopped and sat down on a park bench

behind me i heard somebody say

all i want is to be treated like a human being

what does that mean, i wondered

to be treated like a human being

how about you?

are you treated like a human being?

do you treat other people like human beings?

what about cats and dogs and reptiles and bugs?

do you treat them like human beings?

i started thinking about human beings

do you remember saddam hussein? or qaddafi? they were human beings

how were they treated?

they both started out well

they thought they were doing pretty good

saddam ended up living in a hole in the ground and then he was hanged

qaddafi was murdered in the street

how did you treat sadden hussein?

how did he treat you?

if you are a little older you might remember ronald reagan and margaret thatcher and o j simpson

they were human beings too

how did you treat them and how did they treat you?

and if you are a real old timer you might remember khruschev and marilyn monroe and general douglas macarthur

or you could go to the library and read books about people even further back, like hitler and florence nightingale and mary queen of scots and cleopatra and confucius

human beings, every one of them

how were they treated?

there have been a lot of human beings

it gets hard to keep track them all

you know what i'm saying?

it just goes to show you

Saturday, April 28, 2018


you were there
when i was born

you didn’t even
say hello

when i went outside
you followed

when i spoke
you were always behind me

in broad daylight
and when the sun went down

into classrooms
and churches

and pizza shops

job interviews
bars and movie theaters

i traveled the earth
trying to lose you

by plane, by bus
by foot on dusty roads

by boat, on subways
on roller coasters and ferris wheels

once, in a canoe
which did not overturn

you heard
my every conversation

my every thought

when i “met”
someone on line

you always showed up
“in real life”

i don’t know
what i was thinking

i give up
you win

let me buy you a drink

Friday, April 27, 2018

morning glory

by samantha monday sternwall

little flower outside my window
shaking in the breeze
i heard a story about you
tell me if you please

all these years i thought you
were the same every day
but now i am told different
this is what they say

that every night you die
and in the morning are replaced
by another little flower
with the same smiling face

every night i go to sleep
and every night i dream
and in the morning i wake up
having floated down night’s stream

am i the same
or different every morn?
have there been 10,000 mes
since i was born?

o little flower
let us face the day
are we, or they, or anything real?
who are we to say?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

a walk in the rain

i decided to do something different
and went for a walk in the rain
and looked for signs in puddles
the mystery of life to explain

i met a cat with a serious face
and a dog that was wagging its tail
they passed me by with a look in their eye
that said wisdom was not for sale

i passed a bag lady drinking a fanta
with the daily news spread on her head
a taxi splashed me with muddy water
i wished i was home in bed

i entered a store of convenience
a lottery ticket to buy
the drawing was not until tuesday
i returned to the street with a sigh

i saw a man in a doorway
and thought i knew his name
but i passed him by without asking
he might know my secret shame

i wish it would rain forever
and nothing ever get dry
i would meet myself at the river
and look myself in the eye

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

another day, another song

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

if you make up a story as you go along
it might turn into a happy song
or it might turn into a cry of despair
you will never if you are not there

start with a girl who is down on her luck
and a guy driving a pickup truck
he stops and asks her if she wants a ride she says no and he starts to cry

this story could go in a lot of directions
you could cut it up in little sections
he could just drive way
and she could live for another day

she could become a tv star
and he could sit in a lonely bar
and look up and see her face on the screen
and wonder what it all means

or he could look through a dark lens
and vow eternal revenge
on the whole female species
while she gets a tan on sunny beaches

or they could both go down the road
dreaming in a secret code
that unlocks the key to these universes
of solitude, despair, and curses

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

at dusk

by corinne delmonico

samuel was a spider
felicia was a fly
kenneth was a dragon
with a twinkle in his eye

leonard was a lion
boris was a bat
amanda was a little girl
who thought the earth was flat

they all got together
in the old house at dusk
pamela was the parlor maid
who never had much lusk

jenkins was the lawyer
who was to read the will
but he had a spot of bother
and was nabbed by old bill

out in the distance
a train whistle cries
carrying away the prophets
who thought they were so wise

they all sat in the parlor
waiting for their tea
they can wait there forever
if it were only up to me