Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the news

creamy cylinders of dawn
generate less listening
than ranting

o wanderer
listen to the stranger
whose squeaky shoes

know the secret meaning
of the downtown blues

caress the alabaster shoulders
of the statue
beside the fountain

as it spreads the news

put on my running shoes

"gonna run and tell everybody the news"

Saturday, October 20, 2012


the rain

the crypt

the unread book

the unread book

a flower, a branch, a bird, a cloud
a book not to be read aloud
a life that passes in an hour
a winding stair in a ghostly tower

a laughing child, a shuddering sage
the dream of a forgotten age
a lizard on a moss grown crypt
a poem in an unknown script

o wanderer, the day is done
look as the disappearing sun
casts a light on the darkened sea
for what has been will no longer be

what has been written will not be read
the living will no more mock the dead
the rain will fade into the sand
and darkness hold all in its hand

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the devil doll delivers

oh no
i suddenly remembered
you see what she did

nothing so much
you will never know now
she thought she was doing it for you

how could you be so taken in
by her lies
how could you be such ... such...

more than you, you mean
look out the window
see what she did to us

you never did know her
you never suspected, did you
just look out the window

nothing had prepared him for the sight
oh no, he cried
oh no

now you see, when it's too late
too late

"she had it all planned from the get-go"

you see it all now
what is this you, you, you
she played us all for chumps

you most of all, johnny
and now you'll never know


Burrow the Grave

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

crawling under cars

Crawling Under Cars

the outlaw, part 1

good king henry
and his hunting party
liked their forests dark
and their ale right hearty

bad king william
had a daughter
she ran away
but his soldiers caught her

when good king henry
heard the tale
his tears fell down
like autumn hail

he summoned his knights
and his pikemen true
and cried, good fellows
here's what we'll do

burn the forest
burn the town
but pull king william's
castle down

and save the princess
at all costs
or glory and honor
will be lost

the deer, the rabbit
the poachers and peasants
and all the other
forest's tenants

fled the wood
in streaming herds
when they heard
the good king's words

the river