Thursday, June 29, 2017

betty goes to the museum - 7. bivalves

part seven of thirteen

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the next room betty went into was labelled “m d foster - photographs”. it was a large room , larger than any she had entered previously, and there were quite a few people in it, looking at m d foster’s photographs.

betty dd not see any brochures or information about either m d foster or the photographs.

she passed a couple of women having a conversation.

“ii just want to know if m d foster is a man or a woman,” said one of the women.

“what difference does it make?” the other one replied.

“it makes all the difference.”

“maybe m d foster is a robot. or a group of both men and women.”

the photographs were of various sizes. some were small polaroids. one covered an entire wall.

but they all seemed to be of the same thing. black and white images of huge amounts of clams and oysters on a beach. no people or birds, just the masses of bivalves.

betty looked at the picture covering the wall. she wondered if it were possible to count the clams in the pictures, and decided that it was not.

suddenly betty felt faint….

8. c c cuthbert and carla