Saturday, April 21, 2018

emily mae

by huck chatterton

hey, remember
emily mae?

no, jerry
we don’t remember her

what a woman!
what a body!

the biggest boobs
the greatest ass

the longest legs
west of the mississippi

you read about her
in some book, jerry

she used to come in here
every night

she was a pal
always good for a laugh

nothing shocked her
you could say anything to her

and she’d just laugh
because she believed in

sexual freedom
just like you and me

she always had a smile
not like these

stuck up bitches
and feminazis today

don’t start, jerry

and if a guy was broke
she was always good

for a touch
or at least buy you a drink

and what a body!
what an ass!

you must remember
her ass at least

come on, guys
you must remember emily mae

only you, jerry
only you

she must have been
you own special girl

nobody ever saw her
but you

and some of us
have been coming here

twenty, thirty years
do the math

Friday, April 20, 2018

song for the end times

by corinne delmonico

humans were born to be free
but are enslaved by society
rounded up from meadows and fields
and to kings and priests forced to kneel

this has gone on for thousands of years
as the priests feed the flames of fear
and kings wave the flags of hate
until now it is almost too late

o humans rise up from the dust
and the pit into which you have been thrust
the earth has been looted and despoiled
and now your bones will be boiled

the masters are preparing their ships
with smiles on their lying lips
they are ready to blast off into space
to destroy some other unsuspecting race

the universe is vast and cold
but the story is getting old
and the trail of desolation
you can not put a happy face on

if you dispute the truth of my rhyme
and only wish to have a good time
the saints be with you my friend
and my song is at an end

Thursday, April 19, 2018

the dead wear white hats on the devil's birthday

don’t talk to me
about love and hate

i know all about
love and hate

i used to wait on the corner
for the school bus

cars went by
in the wind and rain

there was a police lady
who directed traffic

she had red hair
and a blue uniform

with a blue cap
and i loved her

and there was a newsstand
run by an old man

and he was ugly
and i hated him

so don’t tell me
i don’t know

about love and hate
i learned early

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

i already saw this movie more than once

i have walked this way before
likewise, seen that moonlit shore
this deserted garden looks familiar
and oh those distant hills, yeah

it’s a dirty shame
but it all looks the same
every night i return
to this street but never learn

who is looking down on me
from that bridge above the sea
from that ship in the night
as it floats away from sight

and the light that briefly shines
through the lonesome pines
as the car runs out of gas
yes, this way we all must pass

and the house on the hill
i should get there, but never will
i walk and walk and walk
there are no numbers on the clock

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


a found poem

my god she said
in a quivering voice

he’s dead

as you can see

who -
who could have done it?

i’ve no idea,
i just got here

the window was open
and i just walked in

he was lying there

we have to call
the police

but first
i have an announcement to make

helen and i
are engaged

oh peter
that’s wonderful

what a shame
this had to happen just now

look here
maurice drawled

why call the damned police
at all?

why not sort it
out ourselves

the police are only
our servants

after all
yes yes

helen and peter
cried eagerly

there is plenty of room
in the garden

to bury him
whoever he may be

and that was how
it all began

Monday, April 16, 2018

the traveler

a weary traveler walks down a lonely road to a deserted garden.

where are you going, o traveler, and why are you so weary?

i am weary because i have traveled a long way, and because i am lonely.

why are you lonely, o traveler? i see a light in the distance. perhaps it an inn or a pub, you could retreat to its cozy warmth and rub elbows with your fellow creatures, consume a warm or cold beverage as your fancy suits you, perhaps share your thoughts on politics or art or philosophy or religion.

such things are not for me, i walk alone. alone, always alone.

night is falling, o traveler, are you not afraid of losing your way?

i have already lost my way, a long time ago.

the moon is rising, o traveler, perhaps it will light your way.

i have no way - no way except to doom.

look at this deserted garden, traveler, does it remind you of happier days?

no, not of happier days, but of all i ever loved.

and what might that have been?

the flowers.

ah, the flowers, always the flowers.

yes, the flowers that bloomed, the flowers that never bloomed, the flowers that were cut and placed in vases, that were displayed in lit windows, the flowers that blew away, that blew away in the dust, even as i….

ah, poor traveler, i will delay you no longer.

the flowers that blew away, that blew away in the dust, even as i….

Sunday, April 15, 2018


all i want is to be free

nobody is forcing you to do anything

i want respect

whatever happened to wanting to be free?

you are the problem, you know that?

everybody is the problem

there would;t be any problem if everybody just showed a little respect

i am sorry, but i can’t use you

let’s keep in line there

you two, keep the noise down

yes, sir, thank you for your concern

the security guard gives them a long hard look

so’s your old man

because there are no solutions