Friday, June 23, 2017

betty goes to the museum - 1. a rainy day

part one of thirteen

betty was waiting for her friend janey but janey did not show up.

it started to rain.

betty decided to go indoors.

the nearest building was the museum, which betty had not visited for some time.

betty paid the reasonable entrance fee and went into the museum.

there were some posters on the wall describing some of the exhibits.

one said “the ultimate minimalism of nestor sakato”. betty did not think it sounded too promising, but then, she had only come into the museum to get out of the rain.

another, larger poster promised “the uncompromising feminist art of daphne edwards-soraya”. this was altogether more to betty’s taste. betty gloried in the name of feminist, and took every opportunity to proclaim herself one.

a third, smaller and barely legible poster that betty almost missed advertised “manuscriptism - new works of b b bashevski ”. this did not sound the least bit interesting.

picking up a little folder that contained a map of the museum, betty proceeded on her way.

2. daphne